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Draft Submissions

As part of its advocacy work, AAAC drafts submissions on a range of human rights issues affecting African Australians that are submitted to various institutions, including the Federal Senate, State Governments and the United Nations.


Submission on Australia's Human Rights Framework

In June 2023, the African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) contributed a significant submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, discussing Australia’s human rights framework. The document emphasises the nation’s position as the only western liberal democracy without a national human rights act, highlighting the implications for African Australian communities. The AAAC advocates for the introduction of such an act, reinforcing the necessity for comprehensive legal protections to ensure equality, fairness, and improved opportunities for all community members in Australia.
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Insightful Submission on Multicultural Policy Impacts on African Australians

In a critical submission presented in September 2023, the AAAC offers an in-depth exploration of the lived experiences of African Australians within the broader context of Australia’s multicultural policy. This insightful document questions the efficacy of existing multicultural narratives, arguing that they inadvertently obscure vital discussions on race, particularly issues of anti-black racism. The submission calls for a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by African Australians, highlighting the need for a multicultural approach that is truly reflective of Australia’s diverse population.

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Illuminating Pathways: Mental Health Advocacy for African Australian Communities

The African Australian Advocacy Centre (AAAC) pioneers change with its latest submission to the Mental Health Commission of New South Wales. This comprehensive report, enriched by authentic lived experiences and scholarly insights, underscores the urgent mental health needs within the African Australian diasporas. Spotlighting women from the Great Lakes Region, the submission reveals profound challenges – from post-migration adaptation to systemic barriers in mental healthcare.

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Submission to the UN Working Group of Experts on Persons of African Descent (UN WGEPAD)

The UN WGEPAD was invited by the Federal Government to visit Australia in December 2022. Prior to its visit, it invited submissions on various human rights issues facing persons of African descent in Australia. The AAAC drafted a submission that focused on issues of racism, racial discrimination and mental health.


Inquiry into Issues Facing Diaspora Communities in Australia

In May 2020, the AAAC Executive Committee, Board Members and Advisors determined that it was appropriate to make a submission to the Senate Inquiry Into Issues Facing Diaspora Communities in Australia.
To ensure the supply of accurate information in this submission, the AAAC conducted an on-line national survey of AAAC members, partner organisations and non-aligned African Australian communities. The on-line survey was conducted from the beginning of June until the beginning of July. A total of 92 persons participated in the survey.
The survey responses were provided anonymously, and participants were informed in the survey’s introduction that the results would form the basis of this Senate submission.

The AAAC lodged the Senate submission in July 2020 and participated in the Senate enquiry hearings on 2nd November 2020.